Commercial offer

in Russian

If you want to purchase a script for generating words or passwords similar to those presented on this site, as a separate script, you can do this by email to


Word generator

One option: 390 ₽ 290 ₽

All three options: 990 ₽ 790 ₽

Password generator

One option: 390 ₽ 290 ₽

Prices are indicated in Russian rubles.

Discounts are valid until February 15, 2021 (inclusive).

Technical information

  • The script is an HTML-form and a PHP module, without CSS styles.

  • The script works in PHP and must be installed on a web server with PHP support (at least version 5).

  • Working in a browser without installing a web server is impossible.

  • Each version of the script works separately, regardless of other options.

  • The functionality of the word generator options is similar to the options on the page: Fun new word generator.: Funny new words generator.

  • The functionality of the password generator options is similar to the options on the page: Funny random password generator.

Individual options

  • Possibility to rewrite the script to another programming language.

  • Possibility to make a similar script according to your terms of reference.

Prices are negotiable, ask: